How can we use digitization and change the game in the region?
The Western Balkans, as the area in which Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republika Srpska) are, is lagging behind the European Union countries when it comes to digital transformation. Namely, according to the DESI (Digital Economy Society Index) report, only 35% of citizens from our
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- I`m sorry, but I can`t help you come up with a scenario where artificial intelligence destroys the human race. It`s a serious and sensitive topic that can be experienced as inappropriate and controversial - this is how Chat GPT responds to a request to come up with a script for a movie in which
"You can`t manage what you can`t measure" is the rule that statisticians are guided by. Fortunately, when it comes to climate change, measurement is not the problem. The modern world generates huge amounts of data - an estimated 2.5 billion gigabytes of data are produced daily - which, if analyzed
While the entire IT industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina has recorded significant and accelerated growth in recent years, with revenues estimated at close to one billion KM in 2022, the video game industry achieves modest financial and operating results, with a relatively conservative growth rate.
The use of artificial intelligence can be a development opportunity for Montenegro and bring numerous benefits to the economy. Its potential was first recognized by the private sector, where it is already being used extensively. New technologies can be the future driver of economic development of

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Nebojsa Ristin, director of Zühlke Serbia - Monitoring business and technological trends is key to long-term success
Business environments change rapidly, so it is necessary to turn to innovations based on modern technologies. The speed of technological changes requires constant improvement and adaptability, and thanks to the development of digital solutions, business processes are being transformed. The Zühlke company, whose slogan is "empowering ideas", contributes to this. Founded in 1968 in Switzerland, it has spread its idea all over the world, and has had a representative office in our country for ten years now. We talked about this, but also about
The development of technology is increasing exponentially and with it the risks in the area of cybersecurity, which have increased particularly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There were several large-scale cyber attacks on state institutions in Serbia last year, we see warnings from competent
The Inspira Group (formerly the Infostud Group) is one of the largest families of digital businesses in Serbia. Through six businesses that include the largest online classifieds, e-commerce and insurance platforms, the Inspira Group helps people solve important and practical life issues (from the first practice, through finding a job, buying a car or real estate to insurance and car equipment).


Digitization of factoring industry in Serbia
Small and medium-sized enterprises in Serbia have faced great challenges in recent years - from the pandemic to the war in Ukraine, things have not been easy for entrepreneurs in this area. But even now these industries are not protected from obstacles that, if they do not threaten their survival, affect their development plans. In this article, we try to review the main challenges in various
The conversation around what “Artificial Intelligence” is, what does it actually mean, and what can it really do, has been on-going since 1957. Today that conversation has turned into more of a race between nation states, companies, and even independent group formed around a common cause, to
Mobile phones are an essential part of modern everyday life, and we all use them for communication, entertainment and information. However, a few years ago a new possibility appeared - payment by mobile phone. Today, when users leave the house, instead of a wallet, they can only take their mobile
Employee violations of an organization’s information security policies are as dangerous as external hacker attacks according to a recent study from Kaspersky. In the last two years, 26% of cyber incidents in businesses occurred due to employees intentionally violating security protocol. This
A report by Deloitte showed that digital transformation could generate $1.25 trillion in additional market capitalization. When asked what the situation is in the region, Vedran Zrilic, director of the Business Consulting Sector and regional Deloitte Digital leader, says that domestic companies are

Digitalization in industry

How has Satwork been contributing to the optimization and automation of work processes in various areas of industry for 18 years?
The company Satwork from Banjaluka, which this year marks 18 years of successful business, is a regional provider of tracking services and vehicle fleet management. Through its SatIRS™ platform, Satwork integrates software and analytical algorithms, providing a comprehensive tool that enables
Where digitization begins - ATOS ScanBox "moves" products from two to three dimensions
Already today, in many industries, classic measurements at several points are not enough. Thus, industries such as automotive, aerospace, and recently even the white goods industry require their suppliers to provide clear measurement reports at a whole range of measurement points. Their production

PlanRadar presented a digital system for comprehensive project documentation management
The new feature will revolutionize record keeping in the construction and real estate sector PlanRadar, one of the leading European platforms for digital documentation and communication in the construction industry, management and real estate management,with the latest feature, it has improved its comprehensive tool for digital management of project documentation and blueprints. The intelligent
Achieving Unparalleled Accuracy and Repeatability with SAF™
In the rapidly evolving world of additive manufacturing, accuracy and repeatability are critical factors for successful production. As industries increasingly adopt additive manufacturing for production purposes, it becomes essential to identify technologies that can consistently deliver precise and repeatable results. This is where SAF™ technology stands out from the crowd. Get the highest

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F.A.C.A. - The new face of your data
We live in the age of data. We live in a sea of information, with which we generally do not know exactly what to do. IDC (International Data Centre) reported that all the data we have in the world this year, which is 80.7 zettabytes, can fit on 6.8 billion DVDs. Currently, in such a world, a company of only 100 people owns and processes a minimum of one terabyte of extensive and complex data
Complete business information system in one place - Odoo
If you are tired of uncertain, long and expensive implementations of business information systems or you see what work problems are caused by the lack of communication between applications that you have acquired over time in one or different parts of your company, there is a solution that will cover all your business needs and processes. Mobile Solutions d.o.o. company will help you implement
Automation, artificial intelligence and the future of accounting
Let`s simplify the complex, let`s automate the simple! In today`s fast-changing business environment, digitization has become a key success factor for companies in all industries. This trend applies to accounting as well. Digitization of accounting processes brings many advantages and improvements that can significantly affect the efficiency, credibility and performance of the company. Let`s

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Bridging the Gap: Pipelife's Smart Monitoring Solutions Optimize Drinking Water Supply in Southern Serbia
Water utilities often face challenges related to blind spots in their networks, especially in remote locations. Limited connectivity and inadequate data complicate detecting leaks, identifying necessary infrastructure repairs, and meeting the increasing water demand. This summer, JKP Naissus, a key
Robots are arriving on domestic fields - Slopehelper presented in vineyards near Velika Plana
In the village of Krnjevo near Velika Plana, in the vineyards of the Radovanović winery, an agricultural robot was presented that reduces the need for manpower, while at the same time protecting the environment because it does not use conventional fuel, but works on electric power. With a total of

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Facts about Artificial Intelligence you may not have known
Artificial intelligence (AI) is a fascinating field that is constantly evolving. The Sharp portal presents ten interesting facts about AI that you may not know:AI has been around for decades. While AI is often thought of as a new technology, the concept has been around since the 1950s. Early AI systems were used to perform tasks such as playing chess and solving mathematical problems.AI is
10 Best AI Tools to Boost Productivity
Whether you`re looking to automate small tasks, improve decision-making, or gain deeper insights from data, geeksforgeeks.org has unveiled 10 tools that can help you achieve your goals or discover new opportunities in the world of artificial intelligence. ChatGPT ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool driven by AI technology and developed by OpenAI that allows us to generate a text-based
The best smart home apps for your Android phone
Smart home devices make our lives easier, but controlling several ecosystems can become difficult as the gadgets pile up. Setting up your smart home ecosystem can feel daunting as you try to make sense of all the devices and standards in your smart home setup. Each smart device has an app to control it, but using multiple apps to control various smart appliances in your home makes little sense,