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EcoMet Reciklaza – We Create New Value from Old Rechargeable Batteries

EcoMet Logo
EcoMet Logo (Photo: EcoMet)

We preserve the environment by recycling

One of the biggest changes in the economy of the 21st century is brought about by the innovations in business known as circular economy. In this kind of business, recycling takes the central place.

Among the pioneers of circular economy in Serbia is the company EcoMet Reciklaza d.o.o. from Loznica, whose core activity is the purchase and recycling of old rechargeable batteries. The company’s operations are dedicated to the processing of waste as an unused, but precious resource into a new value, with the aim of brining it back to the production cycle, thereby preserving the environment.

In modern business, the flaws of the so-called linear economy, which is based on the “take-use-discard” principle, are increasingly apparent. In the past years, requests for shifting to the circular economy business model, which is based on the re-use, repair and recycling of used products – waste, are increasingly frequent.

It is precisely on this principle of a rational and environmentally-oriented model that the operations of EcoMet Reciklaza d.o.o. are based, which mainly focuses on the processing of hazardous waste, which, if not treated adequately, would be a great danger to the environment. Through the purchase and recycling of discarded and unusable rechargeable batteries and then the melting and refining of their lead content, EcoMet Reciklaza d.o.o. directly participates in the model of circular economy and environmental protection.

Control room of the facility for the disintegration of waste lead rechargeable batteries
Control room of the facility for the disintegration of waste lead rechargeable batteries (Photo: EcoMet)

This means that the waste, in this case old rechargeable batteries, are collected, bought out, and sent to our processing facility, which operates in line with the highest standards and regulations of the Republic of Serbia. A whole new facility for the refining of raw lead obtained through the recycling of rechargeable batteries has been built within the production complex. Using a modern recycling process at the company’s facilities, those matters are neutralized, and then the lead which is produced in the process of recycling can be re-used in the production. At the same time, the sodium sulfate obtained through the neutralization of the sulfuric acid from the rechargeable batteries and the propylene are also re-used. The main output product of EcoMet Reciklaza d.o.o. is lead of high purity, of a quality which is used in trading at the London Metal Exchange – Pb985R. We are also registered for the production of zinc and tin.

Since its founding, the company has established cooperation with renowned expert institutions and equipment manufacturers. It guarantees the maximum complying with the standards and business rationalization. Along with a sophisticated technological process of waste processing, various innovative technologies which serve the function of preserving the environment have been implemented as well.

Part of the line for the separation of rechargeable battery components
Part of the line for the separation of rechargeable battery components (Photo: EcoMet)

All the production facilities of EcoMet Reciklaza d.o.o. are equipped with modern aspiration, gas pipeline and filtering systems for the reduction of the emission of harmful matters into air. Through a system of recirculation, the technological processing waters are re-used in the process itself, so that they are not let into the natural recipient. In planning, construction and selection of the equipment, EcoMet Reciklaza d.o.o. implements the guidelines of the best available techniques, in line with the reference BREF documents (Best Available techniques Reference Documents), along with a constant training and raising of awareness among the employees of the importance of environmental protection, occupational safety and protection and accident protection.

As a socially responsible company, EcoMet Reciklaza d.o.o. is aware of the importance for the local community and the relation toward environmental preservation. It strictly adheres to all the legal measures of its protection, occupational health and safety, so that the highest standards in this field would always be complied with.

Regular living environment controls

EcoMet Reciklaza d.o.o. is a company that is dedicated to the constant improvement of an integrated system of quality management and environmental protection.

A systemic monitoring of the living environment, the control of production processes and the implementation of suitable measures to the end of reducing the emission of polluting matters into nature are done regularly.

EcoMet Reciklaza d.o.o. complies with the obligation of carrying out all activities in line with the relevant laws, bylaws and other legal acts related to environmental protection, including local legislation, EU directives, international conventions etc.

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