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What have we achieved since the foundation in 2005?

When we first got the idea to promote our portal as “the daily habit of the successful,” our intention was to offer to our users a relation of mutual partnership, to our satisfaction and theirs. Today, we have more partners than ever before: with the help of eKapija’s services, they get important, timely and accurate information about the events in the world of business in the immediate business environment. The information services of eKapija – classic media forms, and then the most complete information about the current tenders, as well as a catalog of companies, a base of legal regulations, all the way to the information about unexpected business opportunities, available grants and other sources of finance – help thousands of companies in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, but also other countries, to further upgrade their business operations. Our portal is designed to provide business people with that initial advantage that puts them one step ahead of the competition.

eKapija is a regional story: in a wider market with as few borders as possible, in a spacious house with a larger number of windows, the clear sky and the green branch of business progress can be seen more clearly. In addition to the parent site, the site for Serbia www.ekapija.com (www.ekapija.rs) – from which news are translated into both English and German – special content is created for the websites me.ekapija.com and ba.ekapija.com, meant for the Montenegrin and the Bosnian and Herzegovinian audiences respectively.

An extremely popular and traditional media product of eKapija is the Daily Business Bulletin. On work days in the afternoon, and each Monday early in the morning too, we send it to the email addresses of our subscribers. A special quality of the daily bulletin is that it is adapted to the business needs and interests of the concrete user, so everybody gets an opportunity to read about what they find interesting and what they need for their business. In addition to the daily bulletin, there is also a very popular and weekly bulleting “7 days”, filled with the best articles and sent to the inbox each Wednesday.

Our portal too has a service adapted to each individual user – My eKapija – where specially selected news and tenders of interest to the subscriber can be viewed at any moment

Since the founding of eKapija in 2005, we have been trying to establish the smartest system possible, which works for our users – all this so that we would justify our desired and achieved status as the daily habit of the successful.

What have we achieved?

  • More than 20,000 users of the system (the most influential economic international portal in the region).
  • A continuous growth of the number of subscribers year after year.
  • The average readership – over 1,150,000 documents viewed on a monthly level.
  • The users trust us, because the subscription renewal rate is higher than 87%.
  • The average annual production of documents: 46,000 news and reports, 190,000 tenders.
  • The number of business and legal subjects in our base: over 430,000.
  • We see our regional presence as an important aspect of our further development: in addition to operations in Serbia, B&H and Montenegro, we are preparing to enter other countries of the region as well.

Our team


Aleksandar Parezanović


Zdravko Lončar


Mirko Radonjić


Tanja Miljanić

Sales Director

Danijela Plemić

Business Development Director

Jelena Milinković

Tender Leader

Editorial staff

Slobodana Šubara

B&H Edition Editor

Dragana Obradović

Montenegrin Edition Editor

Branislava Petrović


Ivana Žikić


Aleksandra Kekić


Srđana Maričić


Senka Trivić


Vedrana Marković


Dejan Aleksić


Danijela Stanimirović-Gavrilov


Client relations

Jelena Ranđelović

Media Product Development Manager

Sandra Musić

Senior Sales Manager

Mirjana Ostrogonac

Senior Sales Manager

Vera Janković

Senior Sales Manager

Jovana Popović

Sales Manager

Maja Vićentijević

Sales Manager